The City Cat and the City Rat Move to the Country

What happens when a city rat and a city cat decide to move from the busy city to the country? Join Ricci the Rat and Clara the Cat on their separate journeys to discover peace but suddenly meet again. Will they be mortal enemies or will they discover a friendship of a lifetime?

With wonderful drawings for you to enjoy as you read of their adventure, you will discover a surprise ending sure to make your child smile. You might even find yourself chuckling too!

While this enjoyable story will make most people smile, this soft-cover 8.5" x 11.0" book is perfect for children between the ages of 4 and 8 years old. It contains just over 3,000 words accompanied by glossy illustrations. 

It takes approximately ten minutes to read. There are some key topics that can trigger discussion with your child including identification of coins, friendships in spite of differences, and how to respond to scary situations.

About the Author

Roy Sangl was born in Jackson County, Minnesota and attended a one-room school, District 120, for the first and second grades. There were a total of 17 students from 1st thru 8th Grades. Late in the 2nd Grade, his family moved to Dickinson County, Iowa, where he graduated from Spirit Lake Consolidated High School in 1956. 

He launched a successful homebuilding business which he operated for more than 50 years. For the past several years, Roy has mentored children at a local elementary school. He and his wife Sandra live in Shelby County, Indiana and are the parents of six sons. 

The Story Behind the Book

Joe Sangl here (Roy's youngest son)! 

Many of you have heard me teach about the importance of writing down your plans, hopes, and dreams because it provides the FUEL for you to do all of the less exciting financial stuff (like budgeting). 

Well, today I wanted to share with you about my dad and one of his dreams. All of my life, he worked super hard providing for our family - a family that included six boys and my mother. After successfully running a small home building business for more than 50 years, he began pursuing new dreams! One dream was to teach. So for the past several years, he has worked as a part of the Foster Grandparent program - mentoring young children at a local elementary school. 

When my first daughter, Melea, was born 16 years ago, he began telling her stories. Some of the stories became quite famous among our family, and Melea especially loved them. As my dad began working at the elementary school, he wrote a story he really enjoyed telling - and the kids seemed to like it too! As more people told him about how much they enjoyed the story, they told him to really consider having it published. That’s when my dad’s new dream emerged: To have this story published in a children’s book. 

Knowing that I have self-published all of our books, he asked me if I could help him make the dream become reality. What do you say when your 77-year-old father asks for you help in achieving a dream? Yup! That’s right! You do whatever it takes to make it happen! 

So for the past four months, I’ve put our publishing team to work to help make my dad’s dream of having his story published in a children’s book. And we’re really proud of the finished product! 

Introducing … The City Cat and the City Rat Move to the Country by Roy A. Sangl (a.k.a. “Dad Sangl”) 

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this. My hope is it will inspire you to pursue your crazy dreams too - regardless of your age or phase of life.

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